Geoffrey Wetherell

Benson, O.,  Wetherell, G., Reyna, C. & Brandt. (in press). Perceived Value Congruence and Attitudes toward International Relations and Foreign Policies. Basic and Applied Social Psychology.

Brandt, M.J.,  Wetherell, G., & Reyna, C. (2014). Liberals and Conservatives Show Similarities in Negativity Bias: Evidence from Intolerance, Psychological Threat, and Motivated Reasoning. Behavior and Brain Science, 37, 307-308.

Reyna, C., Wetherell, G. W., Brandt, M. J., & Yantis, C. (2014). Attributions for sexual orientation vs. stereotypes: How stereotypes about value violations account for attribution effects on anti-gay discrimination. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 44, 289-302. [coverage in Pacific Standard Magazine]

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Wetherell, G. A., Brandt, M. J., & Reyna, C. (2013). Discrimination Across the Ideological Divide The Role of Value Violations and Abstract Values in Discrimination by Liberals and Conservatives. Social Psychological and Personality Science.

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Wetherell, G., Reyna, C., & Sadler, M. (2013). Public Option Versus the Market: Perceived Value Violations Drive Opposition to Healthcare Reform.Political Psychology34(1), 43-66.

Wetherell, G. (2012). Meaning, Morality, and Fluid Compensation in Response to Attitude Threat.

Brandt, M. J., & Wetherell, G. (2012). What attitudes are moral attitudes? The case for heritabilitySocial Psychological and Personality Science, 3, 172-179.

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