Stanislav Treger

Sprecher, S., Treger, S., & Sakaluk, J. (in press).Premarital sexual standards and sociosexuality: Gender, ethnicity, and cohort di fferences. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Treger, S., Sprecher, S., & Erber, R. (in press). Laughing and liking: Exploring the interpersonal e ffects of humor use in social interactions. European Journal of Social Psychology.

Sprecher, S., Treger, S., Hilaire, N., Fisher, A., & Hat eld, E. (2013). You validate me, you like me, you’re fun, you expand me: “I’m yours!” Current Research in Social Psychology, 21, 22-34.

Sprecher, S., Treger, S., Wondra, J. D., Hilaire, N., & Wallpe, K. (2013). Taking turns: Reciprocal self-disclosure promotes liking in initial interactions. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 49, 860-866.

Treger, S., Sprecher, S., Hatfield, E., & Erber, R. (2013). Women’s Sexuality in Close RelationshipsThe Essential Handbook of Women’s Sexuality, 47.

Sprecher, S., Treger, S., & Wondra, J. D. (2012). Effects of self-disclosure role on liking, closeness, and other impressions in get-acquainted interactions.Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Treger, S., & Sprecher, S. (2011). The influences of sociosexuality and attachment style on reactions to emotional versus sexual infidelityJournal of sex research48(5), 413-422.

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